About the 3D bros

Hi, we are Imre and Mathijs, the 3D Bros. Two dutch guys who print and design multi-dimensional objects, we would like to share our knowledge and printed objects with you! We have designs you can download for free and also low priced prints! If you can not find the print or design you were looking for you can get into contact with us via email or our facebook page. On our facebook page we also show our newest inventions and creations, we also keep you up to date on the events that will be taking place in the future.

What do we do?

Kingsday 2015 3D BrosWe print 3D objects with our self-assembled 3D printer. We can design almost anything, from kitchen tools to figurines from your favourite film! We also organise or take part in events where we explain people what 3D printers are and what people can do with them. On most events we also sell some of our printed products which you can either buy there or place an order. We are hoping to be part of the printing community and to take an active part in spreading the knowledge about printing multi-dimensional objects.

How did we come here?

Both of us are heavily affected by technology so we knew about 3D printing already, but it was only later when we made the decision to buy a printer ourselves. In 2014 we went to a convention where people all around the country came together to show off their newest gadgets and we were both sold. This led to us finally making the decision to buy a printer ourselves. After having tinkered with the printer for a while, we decided we wanted to show the world what 3D printing was. To accomplish this we sold keychains on dutch Kingsday in 2015. This was a big hit, people came in to look at the printer and ask questions, this was just the beginning, after this we will try to involve a larger audience in 3D printing. So, here we are, ready to teach the world!